Aventurine Bracelet

Hand-carved green aventurine, red quartz, brilliant-cut diamond and 18k gold.



Casa Castro By Vivi e Kika

Mother Nature

Wild Wild West


Ametista esculpida a mão, Brilhantes, Turquesa e Ouro 18kl

Turquesas verdes e azuis esculpidas a mão, Brilhantes e Ouro 18kl

Concha natural, Amazonita nude, Brilhantes e Ouro 18kl

Casa Castro Luxury Jewelry

Casa Castro Custom





January 22, 1922...

Bearer of a Portuguese passport but owner of a Brazilian heart, 30-year-old Antonio Teixeira de Castro opened his first store on the prestigious XV de Novembro Street, in Downtown São Paulo.  Castro was a dedicated and knowledgeable connoisseur of art and precious stones, a tireless researcher with a strong passion for antiques, and a quality-driven perfectionist striving for mastery in all his pieces.

Entrepreneur with a dynamic spirit, Castro was also a jet-setter, having often travelled to Europe in the company of his wife and greatest supporter, Julieta Salla de Castro. He would tirelessly chase after original and rare pieces for Brazilian clients anxiously waiting for his talent-filled and tasteful designs.


         "The art of jewelry making has been a part of our lives from day

one – thanks to our background, we understand and honor the entire

process, as a whole. We work together, as a duo – Vivi and Kika – since

the very beginning, from choice of material to the final touches of

each piece. We believe quality and impeccable finish are key, thanks to

everything we learned from our best and greatest teacher: our father,

Antonio Carlos!" - Vivi and Kika















"Casa Castro's pieces demonstrate impeccable craftmanship and are

unlike anything I've seen." 


- Net-a-Porter Global Buying Director, Elizabeth von der Goltz

Casa Castro Jewelers has designed luxury pieces and made wishes come true at its own workshop since 1922.

"Impeccable craftsmanship is at the core of Casa Castro - the artisians making each piece still use the same tradicional techniques as when the label was launched nearly a century ago." 

from Net-A-Porter


where to buy

Our showroom is located in the district of Itaim Bibi, in São Paulo, to ensure our customers

enjoy a welcoming and private buying experience.


It will be an honor to welcome you at our showroom.

Please schedule an appointment:


Telefone 11. 3062-4722

Whatsapp 11. 99647-1417






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