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January 22, 1922...

Bearer of a Portuguese passport but owner of a Brazilian heart, 30-year-old Antonio Teixeira de Castro opened his first store on the prestigious XV de Novembro Street, in Downtown São Paulo.  Castro was a dedicated and knowledgeable connoisseur of art and precious stones, a tireless researcher with a strong passion for antiques, and a quality-driven perfectionist striving for mastery in all his pieces.

Entrepreneur with a dynamic spirit, Castro was also a jet-setter, having often travelled to Europe in the company of his wife and greatest supporter, Julieta Salla de Castro. He would tirelessly chase after original and rare pieces for Brazilian clients anxiously waiting for his talent-filled and tasteful designs.

Such strong emotional connection had a raison d’être: Castro loved the art of jewelry making and to him, work was much like a hobby he was lucky enough to fully dedicate himself to, taking great pleasure in experiencing every new design or purchase.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, creativity and a carefully selected and skillful team of goldsmiths, craftsmen and jewelers, together with undeniable charisma and charm, led several Brazilian families to become loyal customers of Antonio Teixeira de Castro. 


Nowadays, almost one hundred years later, Casa Castro Jewelry continues to walk down the pathway its founder established: severe quality control of its gems and jewels in general, careful selection of each collection piece and ongoing investments in the brand's highly experienced team, including people who have worked for the company for over 40 years.

As a matter of fact, Antonio Teixeira de Castro’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have inherited his passion and values, and are all extremely demanding when it comes to quality, custom service and luxury design.

Together, all such factors and commitment have kept Casa Castro’s flame alive in its constant quest to honor tradition, for quality, customized customer service and luxury design.

Antonio Carlos de Castro Tinoco Cabral, grandson of founder Antonio Castro, took over Casa Castro Jewelers at a very young age, upon his grandfather’s death, and still heads the company, supervising production and personally assisting his customers.

We have the honor of welcoming families of customers at Casa Castro, one generation after the next, since my grandfather first started the business. We not only make custom pieces, but our collections and designs take into account the fact that nowadays people wear jewelry as an extension of themselves, as a statement of their own personality, with a strongly unique and individual approach to such choices."  - Antonio

Each piece is the result of extensive research based on recent international trends adjusted to Brazilian taste and needs. We also market one-of-a-kind pieces, which are designed, assembled for and delivered to our customers together with their respective plan, to ensure the exclusivity of the piece.

In 2005, our founder’s great-grandchildren, Vivi Tinoco Cabral de Souza Aranha and Kika Kika Tinoco Cabral Jacinto – the fourth generation of Casa Castro –, developed the Monogram line, together with their father.

The fully tailor-made line brings back the duo's great-grandfather's 1920s creation: Antonio used to make Sterling Silver boxes for newlyweds, engraved with the initials of the respective families.

The traditional font used in the boxes comes in the form of new gold and diamond pieces, in which past and present walk hand-in-hand.

Sisters Vivi and Kika are also behind the production of a highly creative prêt-à-porter line, including exotic gems and materials such as Galuchat, aventurines, agates, and jaspers, among others, mixed and matched with 18k gold and precious stones, offering original, exclusive and unique pieces.

The pursuit of excellence and attention to detail in the assembly reveal Casa Castro's 90-year tradition and the work of our skilled craftsmen.

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